Black Pond Brews

Israel Putnam Brown Ale

Those of us who did not fall asleep in history class might remember (or not) Israel Putnam- the Revolutionary War Hero who famously said “Don’t fire until you see the whites of their eyes” at the battle of Bunker Hill. Seeing as he lived, fought, and died in Brooklyn, CT (where we are from!) we knew we had to honor such a valiant hero with one of his favorite things on the planet- beer. Much like Israel Putnam himself, this beer is a blend of American and English traditions to create a balanced, heroic, and revolutionary beer full of flavor and unabashed amazingness. A true relic, our brown ale features ingredients The Put himself may have used to brew his beer at Old Put's Tavern-high quality barley and wheat malts for the base along with caramel and chocolate malts for a divinely malty brew, as well as Cluster hops-the first hops grown and used in beer in the Americas. For those who don’t remember him, enjoy a damn good beer honoring a damn good man. Raise your glass for the Put!