Horse & Dragon Brewing Company

Surprise! Chocolate Blonde

This beer was brewed as an experiment to determine how much chocolate and cacao nibs contribute to the flavor and aroma of a beer with no chocolate or roasted malts. We selected a chocolate from Ritual Chocolate out of Utah and originally grown in Belize. We picked this chocolate because of its notes of cherry, dried fig and citrus. We used 25# of 75% dark Belizian chocolate and 5# of nibs in the boil, and another 5# of nibs during conditioning. The result was quite surprising. The beer pours with a delightful golden color and a thick nose. It has a creamy, malty body and light flavors of chocolate and cherry. It finishes with a sweetness as well as a sensation of just having indulged in a piece of dark chocolate. Our conclusion... we are so grateful for the wonders of chocolate malt and the beautiful notes of chocolate it gives our beer!