New Braunfels Brewing Company


FeuerWeiss tm (literally, FIRE Wheat Beer) is a beer crafted to represent everything we love about beer in one glass. The base of this beer is pale wheat malt. Carawheat is added to smooth out the edges, along with pilsner barley malt, making the ideal base for a pale ale. From there, we aggressively hop this beer with German Perle, Czech Saaz and American Cascade Hops every 15 minutes for 90 minutes. Perle and Saaz give the beer a spicy fire flavor and the Cascade mellows the bitterness with a little citrus. At the end of the boil, we add one dried chili, which complements the hop spice, without adding bitterness. This beer ferments house German yeast strain adding a clove character to the pallet. After the initial 3-4 days of fermentation, we add even more Saaz & Cascade hops (dry hop) to the fermenter and give the beer another week to soak up the bitterness.